New designs: Autumn 2021

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This Autumn we’ve introduced three new designs to our wallcoverings collection in cooperation with Newmor Wallcoverings. The new designs are all about craftsmanship, organic surfaces, and surface texture. Click through to see the complete collections and order samples.


Tapping into the trend of resistance dying techniques like Shibori and tie-dye, our Batik design was derived from a piece of hand-dyed fabric. In addition to the organic tonal background print, we’ve used an emboss which creates a chalky, matte finish.

Colours: Traditionally batik dyes came from natural plant sources. The most widely used were indigo blue and soga, a warm brown colour made from the bark of the soga tree. We have continued the natural dye theme in the rest of the palette.


This geometric design celebrates artisanal craftsmanship and the skilled technique of marquetry, which uses wood veneer to create decorative patterns.

Colours: A matte finish in a natural wood colour palette with a pop of green which ties in with the biophilia trend.


This plush cowhide design has an intricate emboss that replicates organic leather surfaces. The texture shifts and shimmers as the mica pigments catch the light.

Colours: A warm, sumptuous and sophisticated colour palette of jewel tones, utilising micas and metallics to add to the opulence of the design.