Decoyard is the exclusive agent of Tapetex BV of the Netherlands in Egypt and is responsible to provide all their high-quality textile wall coverings.

Tapetex designs, produces and distributes woven and nonwoven textile wallcoverings for the international contract market and the higher end of the residential market. Their, craftsmanship and focus that makes the difference. This is what we have passed on within our family since 1975 from generation to generation. At the same time they pass on their passion for the subtle richness of the natural materials they use. It allows them to assist the international interior design community to turn a space into a perfect living or working environment, whether as a background or a statement.

Innovative production of natural raw materials

Tapetex is known for her innovative production of natural raw materials, the trouble-free quality and the ability to ship even large quantities from the central stock at the factory in Helmond immediately. This is the reason they have grown to become “Masters in Textile Wallcovering”.

All designs are created for the sole purpose of wallcovering by their in-house design team. The plain flat wovens, dobby’s, jacquards and nonwovens are converted through a wide variety of finishing machinery into beautiful creations.