Decoyard has been supplying this quality type of wallcovering to the Egyptian market for many years with professional delivery performance. This type of wall covering, in particular, is an all-time star due to its superior durability.

Unlike residential wallpaper, Decoyard’s contract-grade vinyl wallcovering is very durable. This type of wallcovering can stand the most abuse from humans, animals, furniture and suitcases. It’s made to be banged into hundreds, sometimes thousands, of times per day and not crack, stain or tear.

Filled with various structures, colours and designs – some resemble luxurious tactile textiles, while others provide slick and super-hygienic surfaces contract grade vinyl wallcovering can either blend in or stand out. And the advantages far surpass its aesthetic appeal: the material is flame retardant, light- and colourfast, easy to install and maintain, resistant to scratches and impact, and offers protection against stains and chemicals.

Contract quality

Vinyl’s imperviousness to scratches and impact gives it a definitive advantage in high-activity areas. It resists climatic fluctuations and other outside influences, such as chemicals. Vinyl wallcovering offers a great level of protection. It can be much better cleaned and disinfected than painted walls, a factor that’s particularly important in high-traffic, high-turnover spaces.