• The Best Wallcoverings

    We supply contract quality wallcoverings to all sectors in the Egyptian market, including: Hotels, banks, hospitals, residential and administrative buildings

  • Vinyl Wallcoverings

    Over 250 patterns available in a palette of more than 4,000 colours!

  • Textile Wallcoverings

    Textile wallcoverings made from natural fibres like linen, silk, wool and cotton to give you the most luxurious feel and atmosphere

  • Custom Designs

    Decoyard offers digital printed wallcovering ensuring that you can exactly translate any idea into a beautiful printed wallcovering at any size


Vinyl wallcoverings for hospitals and healthcare projects


We’re pleased to be launching our healthcare collection in cooperation with Newmor. We specialise in commercial quality, wide-width, fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings. Newmor products are designed and manufactured in the UK. With thousands of colours,... Read More

New: vinyl wallcovering with an organic look


Inspired by natural materials  For Barkley and Grayson, Vescom’s designers drew their inspiration from natural materials such as wood, stone and earth. The two newcomers have a distinct look and feel and create... Read More

Next level transparent acoustic curtain fabrics


Soft, supple and with a natural look and feel Vescom specialist knowledge and innovations in weaving techniques have produced next level transparent acoustic curtain fabrics. Tay and Tinos are soft, extremely supple fabrics... Read More