• The Best Wallcoverings

    We supply contract quality wallcoverings to all sectors in the Egyptian market, including: Hotels, banks, hospitals, residential and administrative buildings

  • Vinyl Wallcoverings

    Over 250 patterns available in a palette of more than 4,000 colours!

  • Textile Wallcoverings

    Textile wallcoverings made from natural fibres like linen, silk, wool and cotton to give you the most luxurious feel and atmosphere

  • Custom Designs

    Decoyard offers digital printed wallcovering ensuring that you can exactly translate any idea into a beautiful printed wallcovering at any size

  • Vinyl Upholstery

    All the softness of a textile with the superior resilience of vinyl: Our vinyl upholstery teams strength and safety with a welcoming palette of colours and structures.

  • Strong Performance Upholstery Fabrics

    Specifically developed to satisfy the strict technical demands of the international contract market


Natural Wallcovering

Grass cloth, abaca, hemp and more

Architectural Film

transform your spaces with less downtime, less labor and less waste

Upholstery Fabrics

Colourful and ultra-durable

Black Out and Dim Out

control privacy and light

Curtain Fabrics

function, style and flexibility in one


Amazon Cairo Project


We are overjoyed to announce that the amazing new Amazon offices at Cairo Festival City have chosen our fantastic digitally printed wallcoverings. Thanks to these custom wallcoverings, the office space received a boost... Read More

Elevating Spaces Into Extraordinary Realms


The unsung heroes of interior design, wallcoverings have the amazing power to elevate a room from uninspiring to mesmerizing. And when it comes to truly alluring wallcoverings, digital printing steals the show, providing... Read More

Pfizer Egypt New Modern HQ Project


Function meets beauty in Vescom’s unique upholstery collection. The diverse range comprises 35 patterns in more than 900 colourways. Designers create playful combinations of tone and structure – both within the upholstery collection... Read More