Amazon Cairo Project

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We are overjoyed to announce that the amazing new Amazon offices at Cairo Festival City have chosen our fantastic digitally printed wallcoverings. Thanks to these custom wallcoverings, the office space received a boost of joy, color, and a wholly distinctive vibe.

Decoyard® is unmatched in Egypt when it comes to finding the ideal digitally printed wallcoverings. Offering premium quality at competitive prices, they are the market leaders. You can find a huge selection of high-quality prints from Decoyard® that will give any room new life. Whether they feature breathtaking landscapes or mesmerizing abstract patterns, they are all about innovation and captivating design.

We fully comprehend the value of customization in today’s international contract interiors. Because of this, we provide architects and designers with specialized material solutions, such as personalized vinyl wallcoverings. Whether it’s enhancing the personality and individuality of interiors, creating a special spatial narrative, or even acting as a wayfinding aid, our digitally printed wallcoverings can meet any requirement. They can add branding to the interior architecture, create the atmosphere for an entire area, or highlight a particular area strikingly.

Therefore, our digitally printed wallcoverings are a great option if you want to add some personality and style to your space. They’re the ideal fusion of poetry and reason, certain to stand out and leave a lasting impression.