Four new designs vinyl wallcovering

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Diversity in design, colour and structure 

Vescom introduces four new vinyl wallcovering designs. Watson, Lismore, Jarvis and Puccini. Matte, rugged, chic and friendly. The large diversity in designs is distinctive of this new line. The colour range is perfectly suited to the materials.

Lismore is vinyl wallcovering with a sophisticated linen look

Watson: rugged, concrete design 

Watson is the rugged, concrete design in this assortment. It has an industrial, matte, concrete look. The subtle, multi-coloured aspect adds extra depth. The colour series consists of various grey, neutral stone and earth tones, with soft colour hues.

Lismore: irregularity of linen 

Lismore shows the irregularity of linen. The textile look in combination with the functional benefits of vinyl and the high cleanability factor make this design widely applicable, including in the healthcare sector. Lismore has a large colour series, with light, warm and natural tones. The dry look also makes Lismore perfect for combining with the new black-out and dim-out curtain fabrics. Thanks to its range of warm, spicy tints, Lismore can also be optimally combined with the transparent Chira curtain fabric.

Jarvis: rich and distinctive 

Jarvis has a rich and more distinct character. The textile look responds to the demand for products that have even more depth in their weave structure. Jarvis has a subtle metallic appearance. With colours such as grey, bronze and rust tints, this design is an entirely new addition to the Vescom collection.

Puccini: chic and classic 

Puccini is a chic classic stripe with a matte silk look. Available in natural, contemporary tints. The design is rich, layered and creates a lovely combination with the Florence wallcovering. Some of the colours are even coordinated with Florence colours. Perfectly suited for the hospitality sector.